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Premier Equestrian Products are Better!

If you plan to spend more than $1000 on new equestrian products, it will be worth your time to read this page.

We use only the finest building materials.
There are big differences in PVC. The PVC we use to construct all of our products was designed for use in home construction as door and window frames. This type of PVC is very different from regular fencing vinyl. It can take almost twice the impact without breaking. It is stronger in cold weather and it is rated higher for UV protection.

Why is this important? Because the sun's ultra-violet rays have a dramatic impact on polymers.
Organic polymers, including vinyl, do not suffer electrochemical corrosion (like rusting), as metals do. Instead, plastics that are not treated with UV protection undergo a certain degree of degradation caused by simple outdoor weathering--temperature variations, moisture, sunlight or ultra-violet rays, oxidation, biological attack, and other environmental elements.

Among those, the most common type of degradation is caused by ultra-violet rays. Of the total radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface, about 5-6% of light is in the UV region of the spectrum. When a polymer such as vinyl is subjected to UV light, the wavelength energy of the ultra-violet light corresponds to a particular bond energy in the polymer chain and causes a breakdown of the chemical bonds. This causes degradation. The surface color fades and yellows and becomes dry and brittle and has a chalky finish.

If you are going to invest in any kind of polymer (llike vinyl) that will be exposed to sunlight, ensure that it has been treated with or contains some sort of UV inhibitor.

We use only 100 percent UV resistant polyvinyl chloride which contains titanium. Titanium protects vinyl from the sun's damaging rays. In fact, our poly vinyl chloride products are protected so well, that we offer a twenty-five year guarantee against the effects of UV damage.

Our material costs a bit more than what our competition uses but the extended life and enhanced safety is where we put our money.

Our products are built to last
Take a look at our PolyPro Jump Line. We haven’t skimped a bit. From the jump-cup height markings to the molded polyetheline jump feet you will see a level of quality not previously known in the world of PVC jumps. Our PolyPro jumps are wider, have more fill, are more durable, and are more more stable. Our jumps are screwed together, not snapped in or welded, and built to last.

Our dressage line has the same quality of construction. Whether it's our post-and-rail, multi-rail, or our ever-popular block-and-rail arenas you will find details that serve to perform better, last longer, and look sharper than any other product of it’s kind. Our flower boxes, exclusive in the industry, are built for lifetime service. Our block-and rail arenas are pre-measured making set-up a snap.

It’s the details that make the difference. Some are subtle while others are glaring. When comparing products look closely at the details and you will see that our products will undoubtedly perform better and last longer.

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Outstanding customer service
All of our employees are horse savvy. Most of them compete in jumpers and dressage. We understand what our customers are about. This translates to higher customer satisfaction throughout the sales cycle. From your first call to when you receive your product we strive to keep you informed, give you value, and exceed your expectations.
Pricing & value
Most of our competitions’ pricing is for one jump standard, not a pair. Who has ever purchased just one standard? We find this kind of marketing a bit deceptive. Our prices are stated clearly and all of our products are described fully. We do this because we shop too and when we make a purchase, especially a large-ticket item, we want the most information about what we are buying. We want you to have that too.
100% Customer satisfaction guarantee
Believe it or not sometimes we goof up. Yes, we are not perfect. This is why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We want happy customers. Happy customers help our business grow, so we go to extra lengths to make sure you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied we will refund your money.

Caring for your Equipment

Your Premier Equestrian polymer products are UV protected, moisture resistant and perfectly safe to use throughout the winter. However if you will not be using them, here are some helpful tips for storing your equipment during the cold months.

Dressage Arenas

  1. Clean off rails, cones and/or posts with water and a mild detergent. Sand, grime and dirt will act as an abrasive, and can scratch your equipment when moving and stacking.

  2. If you have scratches on the rails, these can be buffed out of PVC easily by using paint thinner. Put a small amount on a rag and carefully buff out the scratch. Be careful not to let it set too long on the PVC or it can damage the material. Then rinse with water.

  3. Stack rails on a flat surface. This will keep you rails straight and correct any bends that may have developed.

Jumps & Poles

  1. PVC jumps, use water and mild detergent to rinse off excess dirt. Scratches may be buffed out with paint thinner (see above for details). Polyethylene jumps, rinse with water and detergent if necessary. To restore luster and brighten colors, apply a thin coat of furniture polish, revitalizing oil, or lemon oil.

  2. Poles and gates, follow same procedures of cleaning as jumps. Be sure to lay your gates and poles on a flat surface if not being used. This will help them to retain their shape.

  3. Wood products, should always be stored in a dry space on a flat surface away from water. Sanding and re-painting is necessary to ensure wood will last.