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Easy Glide Lounge Cavaletti
Easy Glide LoungeEasy Glide Jump
Easy Glide Jump

Easy Glide Jump Cavaletti

The Easy Glide is great for using as a jump or for cavaletti work. Molded in cups allow for easy set up and can be stacked with many poles to create a
larger vertical or oxer type jump. The Easy Glide can be rotated on the ground, which gives many different height options including 8", 15", 19", 22" and 30". Because the cups are molded on the sides, the Easy Glide can also be jumped from either direction.

Great for lounging over jumps. The Easy Glide is easy to set up and allows the lounge line to glide over the obstacle without catching on the jump or snatching the horse in the mouth.

Available in: Blue, White - Poles Sold Seprately

Easy Glide Jump Cavaletti
Easy Glide Jump Cavaletti $259/pr
Quick Cavaletti Bounce, Jump Blocks

Quick Cavaletti Packages

This package includes 4 pair of Quick Cavaletti in your choice of colors and 4 eight foot poles. Available with 3.5" round wood poles, Ultimate poles, or PolyWrap poles. Poles are 8' long.

Quick Cavaletti Package
Wood Poles $549/pkg
Ultimate Jump Poles $649/pkg
PolyWrap Poles $680/pkg

Quick Cavaletti

The quick cavaletti offers easy set up with a variety of heights from 6", 8", 10" and 12". Just turn the cavaletti to change heights! You can even set a low grid or bounce workout. Sold in pairs, these cavaletti work with 3.5" - 4" poles. Poles Sold Seprately

Quick Cavaletti
Quick Cavaletti $81/pr
Quick Cavaletti Dressage Ground Line

Quick Cavaletti / Stacker Colors Available:
Granite, Grey, Hunter Green, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Red, Navy, Purple, Royal Blue, White

Cavaletti Colors Available
The Stacker Cavaletti The Stacker Dressage Cavaletti Versatile Pole Holders

Adjusts in 3" increments

Stacks for easy storage

The Stacker

This unique cavaletti by Burlingham Sports provides durability and versatility. Made with UV-stabilized polyethylene for bright long-lasting color, the multi-level "Stacker" allows you to build a jump anywhere from 6" to 2'0" in 3" increments. Just turn the jump around to alternate raising your pole.

Create a single jump, an oxer, a coop, a triple bar or a complete bounce exercise. Using multiple Stackers gives you endless possibilities for a wide variety of training uses. The Stacker is stable, lightweight, easily moved and compact for storage and height is clearly marked. Poles Sold Seprately

The Stacker Horse Jump Dressage Cavaletti
Poles not included

The Stacker Stand Combo

This system consists of a Stacker & Stacker Stand that makes an incredibly clever jump system, reaching heights up to 3'6", in 3" increments. Additional Stacker Stands may be added to further heights up to 5'0". Poles Sold Seprately

The Stacker / Stacker Stand Combo
The Stacker $179/pr
Stand Combo $315/pr
Stand Only $225/pr
Stacker and Stand Cavaletti Horse Jump
Poles not included

Block Cavaletti
X-Cavaletti Jump Stand

Block Cavaletti

The Block Cavaletti by Horsemen's Pride are stackable polyethylene blocks. They offer numerous height options and jump combinations. Blocks have three heights (9", 1'3", and 2') and can be used with any standard pole.

Available in: Red, Blue, White - Poles Sold Seprately

X-Cavaletti Jump Stand

The X-Cavaletti accommodates a 3.5" round or square pole. Hardware secures pole into sides. Three heights (7", 12", and 16"). Available in white. Poles Sold Seprately

Horsemen's Pride Cavaletti
Block Cavaletti $105/pr #4-003
X-Cavaletti Jump Stand $105/pr #4-004

Stack 'n Go Cavaletti

The Small Stack 'n Go Cavaletti system is unique and functional, made with UV-stabilized polyethylene. Great schooling possibilities for all disciplines. Rail height 6", 12" or 15".
Poles Sold Seprately

The Large Stack 'n Go Cavaletti system is unique and functional, made with UV-stabilized polyethylene. Great schooling possibilities for all disciplines. Rail height 6", 12", 15", 18", 21", and 24". Poles Sold Seprately

Stack 'n Go Cavaletti
Small Stack n' Go $115/pr #4-001
Large Stack n' Go $165/pr #4-002

Stack N Go CavalettiStackable and lightweight for easy storage. Available in Granite, Sandstone

Li'l Stacker

One pair of the Li'l Stacker will raise your pole 2" off the ground. Add height by stacking and snapping together multiple Li'l Stackers to raise your pole in continuous 2" increments. When stacked they stay connected, making it easy to design a multi-height exercise. One set includes two pair of one color per package for a total of four individual stackers, all the same color. Poles Sold Seprately

Li'l Stacker Cavaletti
Li'l Stacker $49/set #649LS

Available in Black, Hunter Green, Purple, Red Royal Blue, White

8' Poles

Need poles for your cavaletti but don't need a whole set of eight or more? You can now order a pair of eight foot poles in our Ultimate White Jump Pole or our Natural Wood Pole. These poles are perfect for ground lines or cavaletti work! Poles are 3.5" by 8'.

8' Poles
Natural Wood Poles $149/pr #14-008
Ultimate Jump .31" Poles $180/pr #14-010
All Cavaletti and 8' Poles are Free Shipping Contiguous US

Riser Blocks

Designed to replace painted wood blocks that chip, peel and rot, these HDPE Riser Blocks are made extra heavy and can hold the ground rail at the required 8'' or 12 '' height. - Poles Sold Seprately

riser blocks

#700RB - $159 Riser Blocks set of 8 Buy Now

#701RB - $219 Riser Blocks set of 12 Buy Now