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Rail and Wall Letters

These dressage letters use a 8" x 12" UV-treated plaque. Each plaque is die-cut with round corners and displays the main and centerline letters. Letters are silk screened to ensure durability. Rail Letters attach to the rails of any arena or equine fencing.

Channels are attached to the back of each rail letter, and are available in different sizes. These arena letters fit Premier Equestrian Arenas and will accommodate any fencing or other type of arenas.
Rail Letters
Set of 12
20x60 meters
$145 #10-013
Set of 8
20x40 meters
$105 #10-012
Set of 4
$65 #10-011.4
Channel Sizes
2" Channel Pyramid Arena and Equine Fencing
1.5" Channel Classic, Sundance, and Wellington
Arenas and Equine Fencing
1" Channel Brentina and Jr. Classic Arenas
Hardware for attaching to a wall is included with the wall letters.
Wall Letters
Set of 12
20x60 meters
$135 #10-021
Set of 8
20x40 meters
$95 #10-020
Set of 4
$65 #10-024.4
Dressage Letters for Dressage Arenas, Horse Fencing, or arena walls
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