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All Minature Horse, Pony, and Kids Jumps are Free Shipping to the Contiguous US

Premier Mini, Pony and Kids Jumps Standards

These adorable miniature horse or pony jumps look beautiful in your schooling ring or show course. Safe and durable, these standards are 40" tall with heights up to 3'6".

Kid Jumps for sale

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Pony Schooling Standards or Post Standards
Pony, Miniature Horse, Kid Jump Standards
Pinhole or keyhole system $179/pr #9-511
Jump strips system $179/pr #9-711

Burlingham Sports Pony/Mini Jumps

These 45" pony/mini jump standards are sold in pairs and come with solid pin holes. You can jump up to 3'6" and each jump height is clearly marked. When pinless cups are desired, please select the pinless upgrade in the shopping cart.
Burlingham Pony/Mini/Kid Standards
71JS Jumps $315/pr
840PS 45" Regular $179/pr
842PS 45" Pinless $198/pr
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Mini, Pony, Kid Horse Jump Picket Gate

Mini Picket Gate

The Mini Picket Gate compliments any of our Pony Standards. Pickets are routed through cross brace and securely fastened with hardware, topped with a unique decorative cap. Made with 100% UV-resistant PVC. Standards sold separately.

Mini Picket Gate $139 #9-530

Mini Lattice Gate

New!our adorable mini lattice gate is the perfect addition to your jump course. Attractive white lattice accented by a colorful panel. Standards sold separately.

Panel available: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, or Black.

Mini Lattice Gate
$139 #9-531
Pony, Miniature Horse, Kid Jump Brush Box

Mini Brush Box

The Pony Brush Box is built with two heavy-webbed support rails. 30 drilled holes accommodate silk flowers. Made with 100% UV-resistant PVC. Sturdy and safe. 60" L x 18" H.
Pony Brush Box
5' Brush Box $179 #9-521
10' Brush Box $239 #9-048
12' Brush Box $269 #9-049

Pony Wall w/Rock Finish

Our Pony Wall is constructed using UV-resistant PVC for safety and durability. One side is finished with our stone facade. Available in River Rock, Ledgestone, or Flagstone.
60" L x 18" H.
Pony Wall w/Rock Finish
One Wall $309/pr #9-534
Two Walls $529/pr #9-535

Miniature Horse, Pony, Child Horse Jump Flower Box

Mini Flower Box

Perfect for your mini jumps, these mini flower boxes will enhance the look of any gate or poles. Available in white.
5 1/2" W x 42" L
Mini Flower Boxes
Without Flowers $59/pr #9-103
With Flowers $79/pr #9-103F

Mini, Pony, Kids Jump Poles

These pony/mini jump poles are made of light-weight water pipe, 1" in diameter x 48" long. Striped poles include two brightly colored, vinyl stripes. Sold in pairs. Available in white with black, red, yellow, green or blue stripes.
Mini Flower Boxes
Striped Poles $59/pr #14-014S.2
White Poles $35/pr #14-011.2
Mini, Pony, Kids Horse Jump poles

Holiday Kid's Jump

This jump is built specially for kids. Included are two striped poles, one flower box, flowers, and pole bases. Poles are 60" long and can be set between 5" and 14 1/2" high.

Holiday Kid's Jump - $259 #9-550
All Minature Horse, Pony, and Kids Jumps are Free Shipping to the Contiguous US
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