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Master's Blend

NEW! Master's Blend Arena Footing 

Master’s Blend is a highly-sought-after footing solution that gives exceptional stabilization along with maximum shock absorption. This footing provides the best qualities a footing amendment can give. Providing cushion and rebound, it offers high stability by increasing traction and shear strength. So you get the best all around surface that supports health and performance. Master’s Blend is a combination of our best footing additives, combining the great stability, traction, and shear strength factors of GGT Textiles along with the cushion and rebound factors of Athletex. You get an all around muti-purpose footing surface that can be adjusted for jumping, dressage or any other type of performance arena.

• Excellent resistance to compacting
• Stabilizes sand particles
• Excellent shock absorption for less concussion and energy rebound
• Shear resistance delivering additional stability
• Improves & balances moisture absorption (longer intervals between watering)
• Significant dust reduction for indoor riding arenas!
• Easy to care for and durable (up to 10 years, depending on usage & maintenance)

*Please Note: Premier Equestrian can guide you to find a footing solution suitable for you and your budget. However, unless you are contracting our consulting services, choosing the correct sand and mixing the product is your responsibility. Results can and will vary depending on what material is available in your area. If you choose to perform your own installation, which many people do, Premier Equestrian can not be and is not responsible or liable for your installation.
See tab: Recommended Sand or click here for sand quality and types of sand to determine if Master's Blend Footing is right for you.

Sand Note: All our footings are designed to be mixed with sand. There are, however, significant variations in sand in each area. Not all sands are appropriate to use as footing for your equestrian arena. There are many factors you should consider in determining the appropriate sand, including, without limitation, your riding style, the number of horses using the ring and the duration of such ring use, watering capability for the ring, the status of any current existing footing materials, seasonal weather conditions, and whether you ride on an indoor or outdoor horse arena. Combining Master's Blend Footing with the correct type and depth of sand is required in order to build a safe arena surface. Please choose properly sized arena sand based on your proposed use. Feel free to call and discuss your arena questions with one of our representatives today! 

Premier Equestrian offers a free sand analysis test report to help you determine the best solution for your arena.
Click here for free Sand report

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Master's Blend
Equine Arena Footing
.85 per lb
Parma Arena Groomer.  Arena Maintenance Equipment
Premier Groomer

Need an arena groomer?

The Premier Arena Groomer  is ideal to use with Master's Blend footing
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We ship from many different plants around the country to minimize your freight costs.

Use this chart to calculate the cost for your area.
Width x Length = Square
x Cost per Foot = Total Price $
x = x
Get a small arena footing test kitGet  a freight quote for horse footingquestionsFooting Test KitGet a small arena footing test kitGet a small arena footing test kit


It is useful to compare the physical characteristics of different surfaces in relation to their effect on the horse's stride. Hard surfaces (concrete, asphalt, hard soil) have a high impact resistance and a high shear resistance. Consequently, the limbs are subjected to considerable concussion, and the toe is unable to penetrate the surface, which produces high loads in the navicular region in the terminal stance phase. Sand has a somewhat lower impact resistance than hard soil, combined with a low shear resistance which allows the toe to penetrate deeply. However, deep sand tends to give way resulting in a loss of traction. Since horses must use a greater muscular effort to overcome the tendency of the sand to give way, the working heart rate will be up to 50% higher on deep sand. This is why sand is so tiring for the horse to work on. Amendments, such as textiles and fibers, are added to sand to improve the properties as a riding surface. Master's Blend combines textile, which stabilizes the sand particles and mimics the effect of the rooting system of turf thus stabilizing the surrounding soil particles, along with the impact reduction and cushioning agents of Athletex. Master's Blend gives you the best of both; Stabilization and shear resistance with added cushioning and rebound.

ProTex Equine Footing, textile and rubber blend.
Master's Blend™ Equine Arena Footing

For Master's Blend we recommend using a fine sand Click Here to download sand range chart.
Premier Equestrian will help you to choose a sand suitable for mixing with Master's Blend.
You may also send us your existing arena sand for a free test to see if it is suitable to use with Master's Blend.
Click Here for free sand report and consultation. You may also call our office at 800.611.6109 to speak with a specialist.




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