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Jump Cups by Burlingham Sports

Horse Jump Cups by Premier Equestrian Our traditional and pinless are crafted from high quality, professional grade steel. Metal jump cup includes a steel pin attached with chain. Pinless cup is designed for ease of use. Powder coated to ensure longevity.

Burlingham Sports Jump Cups
899JC Pinned Jump Cup $20.75/pr
899JCFL Pinned Flat Jump Cup $20.75/pr
897JC Pinless Jump Cup $20.75/pr
897JCFL Pinless Flat Jump Cup $20.75/prbuy now
890PC Plastic Pinned Jump Cup $20.75/prbuy now
Injection Molded Plastic Jump Cups
15-015 Plastic Jump Cups $19.95/pr Buy Now
Burlingham Sports Horse Jump Cups with Pin, regular, flat
Burlingham Sports Pinless Track Horse Jump Cup, regular, flat
Burlingham Sports Injection Molded plastic horse jump cup with pin
Pinless Jump Cup

Heavy Gauge Metal Jump Cups

We have an assortment of jump cups in heavy gauge metal with painted black or zinc finish that retards rusting. Available in deep or shallow profiles. For rust-free jump cups, refer to zinc, plastic or rubber bonded jump cups.
Heavy gauge metal horse jump cup with pin
Heavy metal jump cup rust-free zinc pinned
Heavy Gauge Metal Jump Cups
899HJC Jump Cups - Black $24.95/pr
15-002 Jump Cups - Zinc $23.95/pr
15-003 Flat Jump Cups $21.95/pr
15-009 Cups - Black w/chains $23.95/pr
15-005 Black Pinless Jump Cups $21.95/pr
15-008 Zinc Pinless Jump Cups $24.50/pr
15-016 J.R. Rubber Bonded $35.00/pr
Plastic Pony/Kid Jump Cups
15-014 Pony Plastic Jump Cups $19.95/pr
Flat heavy metal horse jump cup
Heavy gauge metal horse jump cup with chain
Black heavy metal pinless horse jump cup
Zink pinless horse jump cup
JR Rubber bonded metal horse jump cup
Plastic Pony jump cup

Breakaway (Safety) Jump Cups

These breakaway or safety horse jump cups are heavy-duty and durable. Zinc-coated,
so they won't rust. FEI and USEF approved.

Breakaway (Safety) Horse Jump Cups
897BAD 1.5" Deep Breakaway- Pinned $69/pr
15-012 1" Eventer Breakaway - Pinned $69/pr
897BAS .75" Shallow Breakaway - Pinned $69/pr
896BAD 1.5" Deep Breakaway- Keyhole $69/pr
15-013 1" Deep Breakaway- Keyhole $69/pr
896BAS .75" Deep Breakaway- Keyhole $69/pr

Pinless Metal Jump Strips

Pinless or Keyhole strips or tracks for horse jump standards
Add to any 5' and 6' standars. Pinless jump strips support any of our pinless jump cups.

Keyhole (Pinless) Tracks for Jump Standards
15-072 48" Metal Track (for 5' standards) $59/pr
15-073 60" Metal Track (for 6' standards) $62/pr