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Horse Footing premier equestrianArena Footing and Maintenance Products

Horse Arena Footing Sand Specification and Information BookletThere are basically three types of footing additives in use today.  Rubber products, Textiles and fibers, and wood. Within these three basic types of footing additives are a multitude of variations that are suited to different riding disciplines and personal preferences. click to download /view our Arena Sand Specifications booklet .

Premier Equestrian offers a wide range of horse arena footing additives across the three basic types. All of our arena footing products are safe, non-toxic and range in prices to fit any budget. Whether you want to eliminate dust, reduce watering, or aid in the reduction of stress to your horse's joints and tendons, we have a footing for most applications. Our Textile and Rubber footing additives are designed to be mixed with sand, but not all sands are suitable. Click here to review the right sand quality and specifications to make your arena perfect.

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We ship from multiple sites around the country to minimize freight costs. 

Premier Equestrian footing products can be seen a top level competitions and facilities all over the world. Click here to view some of the venues using Premier Equestrian footing products 



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Pro Stride Footing
Pro Stride Arena Footing
more info
ggt footing
GGT Horse Arena Footing
more info
Pro Tex Plus Footing
ProTex Plus Footing
more info
Pro Tex Footing
ProTex Footing
more info
Fibar Footing
Athletex Arena Footing

Masters Blend Footing
Master's Blend Footing

Horse Arena Hydrator
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Test Strip Footing
Footing Test Strip
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Get a small arena footing test kitGet  a freight quote for horse footingquestionsFooting Test KitGet a small arena footing test kit

Consulting Services

Premier Equestrian has expanded our offering to give you access to our years of experience and knowledge. Many people who are building arenas need an expert to guide them. Building costs are high and you need design decisions that are right the first time. We can help. Call us for detail, we would love to hear from you.

Click below to view the services that best suit your needs

Do It Yourself Footing
Do It Yourself Installation
Arena Consulting Services
Arena Consulting Services


Arena Footing & Maintenance Products

The Key to a long-lasting well-performing equestrian arena is proper maintenance. We offer several versions of arena groomers for your convenience.

Arena Groomer / Harrow
Parma Arena Groomer
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Premier Water Groomer
Premier Groomer and
Watering System More Info

GGT Groomer
GGT Groomer™
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Arena Building Products

If you are looking for products to use in the construction of your equestrian arena we have several different base mat systems and geo textiles. These products help stabilize your base and make construction more cost effective and long lasting. Call us for more details on these systems as well as installation information.

Butterfly Mats
Butterfly Mats
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Hoof Grid
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Footing Video Gallery

Footing Video Gallery
Click on the YouTube Playlist Above to view our Footing Videos

Footing Photo Gallery