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ProStride Footing

ProStride Horse Arena Footing

ProStride Horse Arena Footing; Protection for your horse.

Designed to mix with sand, ProStride is a crumb-rubber horse arena footing formulated specifically for horses. Helps prevent equine injury by adding cushion to your surface. With Prostride your arena riding surface is greatly improved, minimizing leg concussion and protecting your horse's tendons and joints. Made from recycled tires Prostride will last for many years. Several more recycling processes results in a cleaner, more consistent material with no dust and no metal. Fibers may be available with Prostride depending upon supplies and your preference. Freight additional.

We ship from many points around the country to minimize freight costs.

ProStride can be added to your existing arena sand and improve the quality tremendously. Click here for sand quality and types of sand to determine if ProStride is right for you.

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ProStride® Arena Footing - 19¢ per pound
(We ship from many different plants around the country to minimize your freight costs.)

20x60 Meter Arena
(66' x 197')

1/2" Footing = 16,000 lbs


20x60 Meter Arena
(66' x 197')

1" Footing = 32,000 lbs


20x40 Meter Arena
(66' x 131')

1/2" Footing = 12,000 lbs


20x40 Meter Arena
(66' x 131')

1" Footing = 24,000 lbs


Get a small arena footing test kitGet  a freight quote for horse footingquestionsFooting Test KitGet a small arena footing test kit

Use this chart to calculate how many pounds you'll need for your horse arena.
Use this chart to calculate the cost for your area.
Desired Depth Width x Length = Total footage x Depth Factor = Total Pounds
1/2″ x = x 1.25 =
1″ x = x 2.50 =

Maintain your arena with ease!

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ProStride Horse Footing ProStride Horse Arena Footing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. ProStride horse arena footing is sized at 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch, why?

A. Crumb rubber comes in all sizes, from 3” strips to powder. Sizes larger than 3/8 inch will not mix with sand. It will lie on top of your footing. This can be slippery when wet. Also large pieces may still contain metal. Pieces smaller than 1/4 inch will sink to the bottom of your sand layer and pack down prohibiting proper drainage.


Q. How is Prostride delivered?

A. Prostride is delivered in 2000 lb (1 ton) supersacks by a freight truck. The driver will get the sacks to the end of the truck, where you can remove them from the truck with a forklift or front-end loader.

It is your responsibility to unload the footing from the truck. We recommend that you rent a forklift for the day, and then use the forklift to help spread your footing. We recommend you watch the Prostride video for detailed information.

If this type of equipment is not available to you, you can request lift gate service for an additional fee.

Q. What ratio of sand to ProStride should I use?

A. The ratio of Prostride horse arena footing to sand varies depending on how the riding surface will be used. These guidelines will help you determine how to configure your arena.

Q. What do your customers say about ProStride® Horse Arena Footing?

A. Our customers love our arena footing! Many feel that it has helped keep their horses sound and strong, as well as helping control dust and prolonging the life of their sand.
Mix 1-1/2" of sand with 1/2" rubber

Mix 1" of sand with 1" rubber.

Depth (including sand) not to exceed 2 1/2 inches.
Read a ProStride © testimonial.

Q. How can I find out more about ProStride® horse arena footing?

A. We have produced a video that explains all about our footing in great detail: How it's made, how it's delivered, how to unload it, and how to install and maintain it.

Watch our ProStride® video! Click Here

Questions about how to construct or maintain your arena? Click here

ProStride Rubber Equine Arena Footing

I live near the top of a mountain, and the best location for my ring was on the side of a hill, with a wall of ledge 60 feet back. The ring was of course more money to construct than I planned due to the solid clay base and the amount of water run off from the mountain. So, by the time I got to the top layer I was about out of money and could only afford winter sand not angular sand as USDF recommends.

Due to the initial depth of six inches my horse immediately went lame. So I added some Calcium chloride to firm up the sand, and then knew I would have to add something for suspension because the footing was quite dead, and as a amateur adult dressage rider I needed some footing with rebound. Not having the money to rip out the top layer, I looked at what I could add.

I called Heidi and Mark at Premier Equestrian and found them both knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. I had them ship me a sample of their rubber and was very impressed. Another dressage enthusiast in my town had gone with the rubber with the filaments still in it. On seeing her ring with all the filaments raised to the surface, and the quality of Premier's footing I knew which one to pick.

I ordered a truck load from Heidi and initially spread 16,000 lbs in my 60' x 140' outdoor area. Spreading was actually a breeze, I had the large bags dumped into a dump truck, and the truck just drove around the ring, I had to do very little by hand. The difference was amazing. My horses immediately softened in the backs, and only now need shoes for road work.

The ring has now wintered over twice, and in Vermont it is a hard winter. This winter I was able to ride in my ring until February when we got 3' of snow! The rubber has improved the drainage, helps hold the heat so the ring thawed quickly, and there is no odor. The ring also looks fantastic.

I could have spent thousands of dollars trying to change the sand in my ring, to still only have a sand ring. But for the same cost I added Premier's rubber, which is filament free and very uniform in size, and my footing is terrific. And, two years later, the rubber has maintained its texture, and the only maintenance my ring needs is to fix an occasional drop in the footing caused by water running underneath. Even this is easy, I scrape the rubber aside, add more sand, and cover it back over with the rubber and I am in the saddle again. I highly recommend Premier Equestrian and their products. This was the first ring I ever built, and I feel that their product puts quality footing in a very affordable place.  

Thank you,
Peggy Halpin

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