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Feeders & Waterers

feeders and waterers
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Wall/Corner Feeder



The wall/corner feeder mounts to a wall or corner for grain and supplements. Comes equipped with molded-in drain.

Available in: Red, Tan, Green, Blue, and Black
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Size: 23" L x 15 ¾" W x 14" H
[13" inside diameter]
Weight: 5 pounds

Mineral Feeder



Holds 118 lbs. of salt. It can also be converted into an auto water basin with the following part: WB-15 KIT. APV replacement valve.

Available in: Red, Black, Tan, Navy, Green, and Gray
Size: 31" diameter x 14" H
Weight: 14 pounds
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mineral feeder

Insulated Bucket



Heavy equipment prevents water from freezing allowing horses to drink regularly in an occupied stall. Unique drain design allows for watering with or without a bucket, and makes cleaning easy. Heavy duty 5 gallon bucket inculuded. Float included as well which helps insulate the bucket from the top by floating at or just below water surface. Horse can easily access the water by nudging the float which also helps keep the water circulating.

Available in Black, Green, Blue, Red, Tan
Size: 18 ¾" W x 14" H x 15 ¾" L
Weight: 15 pounds
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insulated bucket

Metal 50 Pound Salt Block Holder



Holds one 50 pound salt block

Available in: Blue, Green, Black
Size: 12" L x 9 ½" W x 8 ½" H
Weight: 4 pounds
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50 lb salt block holder