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June 30th, 2010

Hey, guys!!

I wanted to give you an update on the footing in my arena!!! This past weekend I hosted a dressage clinic with JJ Tate. Everyone was interested in the footing. We had a huge storm on Saturday evening. The arena had water on one end. By morning, I went down and gave it a drag and rode on it at 7:30. It was perfect!!! Then last night we REALLY had a huge storm....rain blowing sideways (I forgot to check the rain gauge). Again standing water on one end. I rode in it and it was perfect! I skipped the end with the standing water and that is not a footing issue.....But....I love it!!!! It feels wonderful!


Dressage is on Solid Footing

6/12/2010 11:21 PM
By BEN BAUGH Staff writer

WAGENER -- Quintynne Hill Farm had an opportunity to showcase its new GGT Footing in its dressage arena Saturday for the third of its four annual South Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association schooling shows.

Kristin Bostick competed on her Dutch Warmblood Lago. The 17-year-old former show hunter/jumper is making the transition to dressage. Bostick and Lago did the training level 2, 3 and 4 tests on Saturday.

"It's been a completely different way of working," said Bostick, who came to the show from Wadmalaw Island. "He's going back to work after retiring. He has a great attitude."

Danielle Bamford rode her homebred Venture in two intro level tests Saturday. An eventer, Bamford's horse is returning from a number of ailments, with his weakest phase being dressage. The schooling show proved to be beneficial.

The 7-year-old performed well, winning one of the classes and placing second in the other. The Appendix Quarter Horse's dam was No. 3 in the nation as a jumper, she said.

"We had a good day," said Bamford, who's from Charleston. "I'm excited to be bringing him back. I grew up doing hunter/jumpers, but he's more suited to eventing. That's his career path. His dressage needs to improve. He blossoms in cross country. He's so confident. He's really made for that."

Freddy Davis and her foxhunter Brendan McDare, whose barn name is Bear, demonstrated his versatility by doing a dressage test Saturday. The gelding has also evented and has been a trail horse, she said.

May 2, 2010 (GGT)

Thanks so much for checking in. It went wonderful! Here is a sneak peak. I will get you a better one and write a testimonial. I LOVE the footing you were totally right, it fixed the sand.


November 25, 2009 (ProTex)

Dear Premier Equestrian,

 I love, love, love my new ProTex footing, as does everyone who has ridden on it, including three instructors.  I have forwarded your information on to them and suggested that they all buy your footing. I am happy to tell everyone how they can have the best footing there is.

We have had some very windy days and even after the footing was not watered for several days the ProTex did not move at all. It really has stayed exactly where we put it. My horses move so well in it, with no shearing or slipping.  They feel so confident about where they put their feet. It has such a cushy feeling yet good support.  I even like walking around out there by myself!! I put on a little Argentine tango music and go to town.

Even after the arena was not watered for a couple of weeks while we were away, there was only minimal dust and only in the area where the sun was beating down on it.  I want to thank you again for all your help and I hope that we can see you both again.  It was great getting to know you.  You can also have anyone e-mail me or call me if they have questions.

Your friend and very satisfied customer, 

November 23, 2009 (Brentina Dressage Arena)

Dear Premier Equestrian, 

Want you at premiere to know how much we are enjoying our "Bretina" arena setup.  Thanks for offering your products.  Hope premiere has a successful 2010.  Can't wait for WEG in Kentucky. 

Dear Premier Equestrian,

Last week we recieved our first Premier Equestrian shipment. During this weekend we build it in our own dressage arena (see picture). It looks great! Thanks.

In the following weeks I'm going to put the dressage arena on our website and we want to promote it for the Dutch (European) Market. I hope we can do some business in the near future.

With Kind Regards / Met vriendelijke groet / Mit Freundlichen Grüßen,
Classic Dressage Arena

Dear Premier,

The footing arrived perfectly on time as scheduled as if there had never been an issue... haha. Funny eh? Anyway we had a blast installing it and spreading it. It looks great, feels great, and most important the horses are all extremely pleased with us. If you listened close you could actually hear them sigh when they went out to test it. :-)

I can't thank you enough for all the help and extra concern - it was greatly appreciated and we will of course rave about your company forever.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the year and it's holidays!!


March 24th, 2009 (ProStride)

Dear Premier Equestrian,
I just finished my first ride in my newly footed arena.  All I can say is Fabulous!   Ande Volado (my dressage horse) and I simply love it!

Thanks again

January 9th, 2009 (ProStride)

Just wanted to let you know we got our footing installed today and it is fabulous! Just the right amount and I can't wait to ride on it. Thank-you again.

Oakfield Dressage

November 9th, 2008 (ProStride)

Heidi - I wanted to let you know we absolutely love our ring with the new footing mixed in. It's perfect! The horses notice it and are so much happier.

Thank you!

Dear Premier; (Pyramid Arena)

Thanks for the great product. Everything is set up to fit together perfectly and seek square.  Riding in it is even better.  The metric length of the rails make it so easy to ride the patterns correctly.  So many frustrations have just disappeared. 

Thank you for the beautiful piece of equipment.

Dear Heidi;
I just wanted to thank you for the speed and professional customer service you have provided us! Our Premier Arena arrived earlier than expected and everyone just loves it. It is so easy to put together and it looks spectacular!
We just ended our second show of the season and both participants and spectator still make very positive comments.
Thank you again!
Laura Brown
Heritage Dressage Association
More from Peggy Halpin! (ProStride)

Only with a Premier Rubber Ring can you ride all year round, even in Vermont, during the snowiest winter since 1968!

Really looking forward to spring!
Take care,

Click here to read the full testimonial

I could have spent thousands of dollars trying to change the sand in my ring, to still only have a sand ring. But for the same cost I added Premier's rubber, which is filament free and very uniform in size, and my footing is terrific . . . I highly recommend Premier Equestrian and their products. This was the first ring I ever built, and I feel that their product puts quality footing in a very affordable place.  

Thank you,
Peggy Halpin

Dear Heidi and Mark

It was a pleasure talking to you earlier this month! The shipping company delivered the Classic dressage arena I ordered from you on Wednesday


Dear Premier,

I installed it by myself, it looks spectacular! I am impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the vinyl, and thought that, overall, it was very easy to put together. I can’t wait to ride in it! I’m so glad I indulged.


Thank you so much for your excellent Classic arena. After riding dressage for 30 years, I finally have my first regulation arena and am very happy with this high quality product. So here's to perfecting geometry!

Cotopaxi, Colorado

Dear Premier Equestrian

The new arena was up and working in a snap! We love it. It will definitely be mentioned in the Have-To-Have’s. Additionally, it looks great on our Freestyle videos which were shot during a demonstration we performed for a 4-H group.

Congratulations on a great product. Just want to help you get it out there in a big way.


Dear Premier,

Yesterday I set up my new arena. All by myself and it took me less than an hour! It is great. I am very happy about it. Unfortunately after having some beautiful weather the previous days it started snowing last night. So it will not be this much fun to ride. But spring is hopefully just around the corner.

Thanks again for everything and as soon as I decided on jumps I will get back to you.

Dear people from far overseas,
I ordered The Walter Zettl DVD Library. Much to my surpise the DVDs arrived within a week. Furthermore, I was very, pleasantly surprised by the fact that I received 7 DVDs- instead of the 5 that I assumed I would received. And last, but definitely not least, the DVDs are GREAT! One big inspiration. I am very, very, very, happy and grateful.
Greets from Holland,


Dear Heidi and Mark

Thank you and Premier Equestrian for your participation in the USEA Gold Cup Series. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by me and all of the competitors

Phillip Dutton

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your generous sponsorship of the Event at Rebecca Farm in July 2006. Without your support, we would not have been able to enjoy this outstanding competition.

Thank you again on behalf of the competitors and friends of Lynnleigh Farm, Sandy UT.

Lendon’s Youth
Dressage Festival

October 10, 2004

Dear Heidi & Mark

There are not enough ways to adequately thank you for your generosity and support of Dressage4Kids Inc.’s flagship event, Lendon’s 2004 Youth Dressage Festival. We are thrilled to welcome Premier as a sponsor, this year at the Grand Prix Class level!

Heidi, as an all-volunteer team of event organizers, we are both
encouraged and gratified by your desire to support our efforts to further the development of the equestrian discipline of dressage for our youth.

When our partners in the equine industry support our events through such generous donations, they provide a high standard of leadership and community service for our riders and their parents to emulate. We hope
you derive a much-deserved sense of satisfaction knowing the impact your donation has on the lives and riding of our young competitors!

Warmest regards,

Theresa Davidson, Sponsorship Coordinator

Lendon’s Youth
Dressage Festival

July 31, 2005

Dear Mark and Heidi,

There are not enough ways to adequately thank you for your generosity and support of Dressage4Kids Inc.’s flagship event, Lendon’s 2005 Youth Dressage Festival. We are thrilled to welcome back Premier Dressage to our family of sponsors, this year at the Gold level!

Rewarding to all us members of the organizing committee is the fact that your contribution makes a significant difference in the ability of Dressage4Kids, Inc. to carry out it’s mission: to encourage riders under 21 to become true horsemen with correct position, competitive skills and knowledge of all aspects of riding and horse care; to offer scholarships to enable competitors to further their education; to have fun and develop
good sportsmanship throughout.

Given Lendon’s boundless energy and creativity, there’s no saying what might come next. But one thing is for sure, Lendon’s vision of a year-round educational program would not have become a reality without the generous support of each and every one of our sponsors. From the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of our youth riders we thank you!

Theresa Davidson, Sponsorship Coordinator, Dressage4Kids, Inc.


Thank you so much for your sponsorship of the 2005 IDA national championships. As coach of the winning team from Lake Erie College, I was awarded with the set of three Walter Zettl videos. This is particularly fitting as Walter gave a clinic here last year, and I will certainly use them in teaching my students. Once again, thank you

Katrina Merkies
Lake Erie College, OH


Dear Heidi and Mark,

The United States Dressage Federation wishes to express its sincere appreciation for your continued support as the Title Sponsor of the 2004 USDF/Premier Dressage Adult Clinic Series. We hope that you enjoyed seeing our organization in action at the 2004 USDF National Convention & Symposium, and thank you for your presence there.

With your help USDF can continue to fulfill its mission of education, recognition of achievement, and promotion of the sport of dressage in the United States. We look forward to many more years of partnership with Premier Dressage.

Best regards,
Stephan Hienzsch, Executive Director


Dear Heidi and Mark,

On behalf of the United States Eventing Association, I would like to extend a HUGE “Thank You” for joining the team of sponsors and for producing the new dressage tests DVD! What an exciting project for our organization! The advance sales promotion went very well at the annual meeting and members cannot wait to see the finished product!

It is such a treat to work with such talented professionals like you! Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for all of your generosity, creativity, time and energy. Without big hearted sponsors like you, the U.S.E.A.’s educational programs and enhancements would not exist! Thank you again!

Beth Lendrum, V.P. Education

Houston Dressage Society


Thanks for placing your ad in our spring classics show program. We hope you will join us for the championships in November.

Ann Edwards

The Dressage Affaire

Dear Heidi & Mark

As a member of the California Dressage Society, San Diego Chapter, I would like to thank you for your generous donation to our upcoming event, The Dressage Affaire. As a nonprofit organization we rely on the support of companies and individuals to help us serve the dressage community of San Diego. We thank you for your donation.

Kimberly R. Wright
Sponsorship Liaison, San Diego Chapter

Palm Beach Dressage Derby

Dear Premier Dressage,

Thank you for your support for the Derby Series 2004 Show Circuit and your gift of the perimeter fencing. Because of businesses like you, that understand the importance of supporting the industry that we all love, you have added the extra touch to our facility that allows safety and elegance to come together in a world-class facility.

Sincerely yours,
Walter & Mary Anne McPhail, Owners
Evelyn O’Sullivan, Show Manager
Deborah Darwin, Marketing Director

Equestrian Events, Inc

Dear Mark & Heidi

We thank you for your sponsorship participation in the 2001 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event and look forward to having you with us in 2002.

Jane Atkinson, Executive Vice President