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Heidi Zorn and Mark Neihart

About Us

Premier Equestrian was built around our primary passion for loving, training, and riding our horses. Every product we sell is measured against this passion for safety, practicality, and the well being of the horse.

Premier Equestrian, LLC, began in early 2000 by offering affordable dressage arenas built from quality PVC materials. From the beginning we have striven to produce high quality products and offer them to our customers at affordable prices.

Premier Equestrian is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Premier Equestrian is owned by Mark Neihart, Heidi Zorn-Neihart and Chris Neihart. Over the past 12 years Premier Equestrian has grown to offer over 1000 products.

Premier Equestrian is well known throughout the worldwide equestrian community for our superior products and services. Premier Equestrian dressage arenas, driving arenas and flower boxes were featured at the 2010 World Equestrian Games. Our Arena Footing products have been installed for The Del Mar National Horse Show and the World Dressage Masters. Our Jumps, custom and stock, are used widely throughout the country at shows and at private facilities.

Throughout our company¹s growth we have made a conscious decision to purchase "Made In America" products. We proudly stand behind our commitment to help our own economy. We truly believe in taking care of our country and supporting each other. That¹s why over 95% of our products are made in North America.

"Made in America" is one statement our company is proud of. We have found our American business partners to be honorable and ethical as well as committed to producing the highest quality materials available.

Our molded products are made locally because we are able to control the quality of ingredients like UV inhibitors and impact modifiers. We get everything produced according to our demanding specifications without cutting corners.

Our products, such as dressage arenas, not only meet FEI and USEF published specifications but have a five-year warranty against fading and discoloration due to weather or sunlight. They are constructed with high-quality impact and UV-resistant materials and built to last a lifetime.

Premier¹s products are sold around the world. We have distributors in Canada, Europe and Australia We are supported by world-class riders from a variety of disciplines. Our website offers extensive information to help you make informed buying decisions for everything from arenas to horse footing, barn and stable accessories as well as educational material.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible product at the lowest possible prices to enhance your training and horse sport riding experience. Along the way we have been privileged to meet some very wonderful and creative people that we call our customers. Our customers are very special to us as many have become fast friends giving us their perspectives and advice about our products and designs, and the occasional doldrums of being entrepreneurs. We appreciate all of you, thank you for your support.

Premier Equestrian is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Premier Equestrian is owned by Mark Neihart and Heidi Zorn. We both invite your calls and comments, good or bad, as we have found our best resource to be our customers opinions. Thanks for visiting Premier Equestrian.

Our best regards,
Mark Neihart & Heidi Zorn

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Heidi Zorn & Serrano

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“Made In America” Products

Made in America Horse Products

“I truly believe we need to take care of our own country and support each other,” said Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian, a Utah-based company. “I would say that 98 to 99% of our products are made in North America and it was definitely a conscious decision we made to help our own economy." Read More

Mark Neihart
Mark Neihart

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