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Premier PolyPro™ Horse Jump Standards

Our standards are built to last. We use a combination of technically advanced materials that are impact and weather resistant. Our materials utilize flex-polymers to prevent shattering when impacted. They also contain a UV inhibitor to prevent sun damage, making this a perfect jump for any climate. PolyPro™ Jump Standards are available in white, two-tone colors and with rock facades. These horse jumps are brightly colored, can take a hit, and will perform for many years. Free Shipping in the contiguous US on all horse Jump Standards and Towers.

Watch video to see why our jumps out-last and out-perform our competitors' jumps.
Poly Pro Horse Jump FootJump Foot
See why our jumps are better!

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Included with PolyPro™ Standards is your choice of solid slide pinholes, with printed height marks or aluminum keyhole tracks.
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Key Hole Strip Horse JumpsPin Hole Horse Jumps
All PolyPro™ horse jumps possess the  PolyPro™ Jump Foot, which solves the stability problem for lightweight jumps. Made with UV stabilized polyethylene, this base will hold up to any type of abuse. The PolyPro™ Jump Foot is 28” long, 5” wide, and 7” tall, with a highly stylized arched top profile.  The bottom is hollow and comes with a removable lid. This allows for the foot to be filled with sand to offer complete jump stability.  Each foot weighs 4 lbs empty and 15+ lbs when filled with sand, giving you an additional 30 lbs. of weight for each standard.  All jumps come boxed and fully assembled, simply put the feet on base of standards.

PolyPro™ White Jump Standards

5' Standards - $409/pr 
6' Standards - $469/pr

Free Shipping to Contiguous United States!


Slant Picket Jump Standard
Slant Picket
5' #9-201
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Solid Jump Standard
5 ' #9-203

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Fountain Jump Standard
5' #9-204

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Spindle Jump Standard
5' #9-205

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Three picket Jump standard
Three Picket
5' - #9-410  
6' - #9-430

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Slope Picket Jump Standard
Slope Picket
5' - #9-425  
6' - #9-427

Picket Top Solid Jump Standard
Picket Top Solid
5' - #9-421  
6' - #9-018

Solid Slant Top Horse Jump Standard
Solid Slant Top
5' - #9-429  
6' - #9-419

Crown Picket Jump Standards
Crown Picket
5' - #9-420   
6' - #9-047

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Slant Solid Jump Standard
Soild Slant
5' - #9-423  
6' - #9-014

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Fan Top Solid Jump Standard
Fan Top Solid
5' - #9-422  
6' - #9-035

Square Wing Jump STandard
Square Wing
5' - #9-418  
6' - #9-438

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hanging flower basket jump standard
Hanging Flower
5' - #9-007 
6' - #9-000

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Flower Shelf Jump Standard
Flower Shelf
6' - #9-042
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Basket and Flowers Horse Jumps Standards
Baskets & Flowers
#9-008 $50/pair

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PolyPro™ Two-tone Jump Standards

PolyProTM Two-tone Jump Standards and Rock facades add color and variety to your jump course. Two-tone colored standards are available in White with Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, or Black trim. Color trim is made with HDPE polyethylene which will not fade chip or splinter. Color is two-sided.

PolyPro™ Two-Tone Standards Poly Pro Color Picker Horse Jump Standards Available Colors
5' Standards - $439/pr
6' Standards - $499/pr

Free Shipping to Contiguous United States!

Center strip jump standard
Center Strip
5’ - #9-414
6’ - #9-434

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double strip
Double Strip
5’ - #9-415
6’ - #9-435
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Slope Wing Jump Standard
Slope Wing
5’ - #9-440
6’ - #9-445
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Picket Top Colored Jump Standard
Picket Top
5’ - #9-443
6’ - #9-456
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2 Tone Square Wing Jump Standard
Square Wing
5’ - #9-428
6’ - #9-448
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Fan Top Two Tone Jump Standard
Fan Top
5’ - #9-442
6’ - #9-073

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solid Jump Standard Two Tone
5’ - #9-024
6’ - #9-022
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Solid Slant Two Tone jump standard
Solid Slant
5’ - #9-441
6’ - #9-072
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Two Tone Lattice Jump Standard
2-Tone Lattice
5’ - #9-025
6’ - #9-026

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PolyPro™ Horse Jump Rock Facades

PolyPro™ horse jump rock facades are available in River Rock, Ledgestone or Flagstone. Rock is made with polyurethane and color is molded into material. Rock facades will not chip, crack, shatter or fade. PolyPro™ rock jump standards come one-sided but can be upgraded with trim on both sides of standard.
Available in Ledgestone, River Rock and Flagstone.

5' Standards - $529/pr
6' Standards - $579/pr

Free Shipping to Contiguous United States

Fan Top Rock Jump Standard
Fan Top Rock
5' - #9-472  
6' - #9-473

Slant Rock Jump Standard
Slant Rock
5’ - #9-470
6’ - #9-471

ROCK Picket Top Jump Standard
Rock Picket Top
5' - #9-474
6' - #9-475

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Lattice Tower Standards

Our Lattice Towers are very stable, and made with 100% UV resistant PVC material and come completely assembled using hardware, (not glue) with a plant shelf on top as well as in the center--perfect for displaying a vase with flowers. Solid pinholes or pinless track upgrade available. Available in White.
20" x 20" x 6', 50 lbs. each. Flowers and vases not included.

Rock Tower Jump Standards

Our new Rock Towers are made with a heavy duty UV-resistant, polyurethane rock finish, encased around a solid PVC frame. Sturdy, yet light enough to easily be moved, these towers feature the PolyPro rock facade, available in Flagstone, River Rock or Ledgestone. These towers are a perfect match with our rock walls or gates. Includes Solid Pinhole upgrades or choose our pinless metal track. A great addition to your jump course! 6' x 20" x 20", 70 lbs.

Lattice Tower Standards
Lattice Tower Standards
6' - #9-040 $629/pr

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Tower River Rock Jump Standard
River Rock
6' - #9-060RR $1,729/pr
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Tower Jump Standards Flagstone
Flagstone Rock
6' - #9-060FS $1,729/pr

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Ledgestone Jump Standard Towers
Ledgestone Rock
6' - #9-060LS $1,729/pr

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Stone Pillars

Our Stone Pillars are molded of high-density polyethylene and will never break. The rock finish is moded right into the surface, is UV resistant, and most durable. Includes decorative molded caps. 5' Stone Pillar is 21" x 21" x 56 1/2" tall, with fence height up to 4'. For 6' Stone Pillars add a Stack Lift section, making the pillars 21" x 21" x 72" with fence height up to 5'. Available in Graystone

Stone Pillar jump standard
Stone Pillar
5' - #9-080 $999

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Lift Pillar Jump Standard
Stack Lift Section
#9-081 $329

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